Affirmation Artist 101:  Lemme Show You What I Did

Affirmation Artist 101: Lemme Show You What I Did

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September 7th 6PM EST - 8PM EST 
September 8th12PM EST - 3PM EST 
September 9th 12PM EST - 3PM EST 

See if this intensive is for you 
+ You identify as an artist, poet, well being advocate that wants to create healing music
+ You want to learn the science behind creating Affirmation Music 
+ You're ready to take the internal journey required for Affirmation Music 
+ You feel called to alchemize your self talk/poetry/wisdoms into medicinal affirmations 
+ You want to create passive income creating music you are proud of 
+ You're ready to learn a conscious way to create and operate in business
+ You simply feel called to be a Affirmation Musician

Here is what you will gain in this intensive
+ First 3 enrollees will get a free song feature by Toni Jones
+ Learn my formula in creating music 
+ Discover your own blueprint in Affirmation Music 
+ Gain gentle practices that prepare you for your workflow 
+ Lifetime Allyship with Toni Jones throughout your Affirmation Artist journey 
+ Nervous System regulation practices necessary for this path in music 
Pick my mistakes & Pick my Genius Q & A
+ Hear my detailed story I've never told publicly 
+ Learn the systems and platforms I use to operate my business 

And so much will learn a lot however this is a high interactive learning experience so your participation and presence will be required. All recorded replays will be available to you.